Thursday, March 27, 2014


"Occasionally in life there are those moments of unutterable fulfillment which cannot be completely explained by those symbols called words. Their meanings can only be articulated by the inaudible language of the heart."--Martin Lither King Jr.

At some point each week, during random conversations with people,  I am inevitably confronted with the standard, "Well, how far did you run last night/week?"  That answer can vary, anywhere from 4 to 50 miles. But the retort never varies, "You're crazy!  How can you run that far?  I hate running."   I'm not gonna lie, I just might be crazy.  On the other hand, the smile that raises the corners of my mouth when someone calls my running 'crazy' usually provides me with enough energy and motivation to power thru the next outing.

People ask, "How can you run that far?" ........ I ask, "How can you not?"  I question how a person can run one mile and stop. Didn't that mile.....a mere 6-15 minutes......give you a sense of accomplishment?  Wouldn't another 6-15 minutes only double the pleasure?!  Did you not feel more in tune with the world around you?  A feeling of being closer to Mother Nature?  Wasn't it great to remove yourself from the daily hustle, shuffle, busy-as-a-bee lifestyle and just slow down without all the distractions?  I don't enjoy running......I LOVE it.

You know that cup of coffee you have to have to wake up to each morning?  You know that feeling of taking off your ski boots after a day on the slopes?  You know the fulfillment you get from whatever your chosen vice is?  That's running for me.  I'm not me without my daily run anymore.  It's not something I do when I 'have the time'.  It's not something I schedule into my day when my schedule permits it. It's part of my daily routine. Like showering, brushing teeth, putting in contacts, etc.....the day is just missing something without it.  And any day a friend calls and wants to run, I'll gladly put in a second run, just to have the pleasure of another run.

Too often, I think running is used as a punishment. A coach making you take laps; a warm-up to a rigorous workout; a demanding race; or, most often, a tool for weight loss. In those instances, a person isn't running for the's only a means to an end.   When was the last time you just took off down the street, the trail, the track, etc and just enjoyed the breeze in your face?  The only runs I regret are the ones I don't take.

Throw aside your 21st century gadgetry and run in quiet, peaceful, bliss. Let your mind wander while your legs explore.   Don't restrict yourself with time, distance, or even route limits. Slow aren't winning any medals for practicing.  Run like there's no finish line.  Running shouldn't be should be euphoric.

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